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Packed with Vitamin E + B5 and the powerful nourishing properties of Castor Oil, our all-in-one formula revitalizes, hydrates and conditions your eyebrows while enhancing the overall style and appearance. Tame unruly hairs and perfect theirshape for a groomed and manageable look!


Do you Laminate your eyebrows? Laminating eyebrows temporarily changes texture and can make eyebrow hair dry or brittle. To counteract potential damage, it is important to provide nourishment and care to your eyebrows after lamination. Incorporating this nourishing formula into your aftercare routine ensures your eyebrow hair stays healthy and strong.


Includes Mini DuoBrush in photo.

Brow RevitaGel


    • Begin by gently removing any foundation or powder from your eyebrows to ensure a clean canvas.
    • Take the brush side of the Mini DuoBrush included, load both sides with a small amount of RevitaGel.
    • Apply the product across the eyebrow in an upward motion applying light pressure as you go.
    • Using the spoolie end of the Mini DuoBrush, gently massage the product into the eyebrow hair then brush up in the direction of your desired style.
    • Please remember to rinse both ends of your DuoBrush after each use for proper hygiene and to prevent product build up.



    • Before you begin, lightly dampen both sides of the Mini DuoBrush included in your kit, pat dry to remove any excess water. This will allow you more time to perfect your eyebrows. If you need additional time and you notice the product drying, simply repeat this step of lightly dampening the brush and spoolie instead of applying more product.
    • For thicker or coarse brows, apply a bit more product to ensure better coverage and hold.
  • NOURISHING BENEFITS: Packed with nourishing ingredients, it strengthens weak or damaged brow hair. Experience the joy of it's revitalizing magic over time.
    ALL-DAY HOLD: Whether you're off to work, hitting the gym or attending a special event, this gel delivers a long-lasting hold, ensuring your brows remain groomed from morning to night.
    EASY APPLICATION: Applying RevitaGel is a breeze! Its user-friendly Mini Duo Brush applicator allows for precise and efforless application, enabling you to achieve your desired shape and style without any hassle.



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