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280 Lash Clusters - Enough for up to 10-17 sets of lashes!


Our DIY Lashes are the perfect choice for anyone looking to customize their look. They are easy to apply, and you can control the length and fullness - choose from whispy to bold! These lashes are designed to last for several days and are easy to remove without damaging your natural eyelashes. With just a few minutes of application time you can glam your look!


Enjoy your beautiful lashes and have fun experimenting with different styles and looks!

DIY Lash Palette

    • Begin by cleansing natural lashes to create a clean base. This ensures optimal adhesion and a seamless look.
    • Choose the desired length of lashes and carefully remove them from the strip. Arrange them in the order you'll be applying them for easy access.
    • Apply a small amount of Lash Bond adhesive to your natural lashes. Be cautious not to use too much as it may cause the lashes to clump together. Apply the adhesive in a thin and even layer.
    • Begin with the first lash and gently place it to the base of your natural lashes 1-2mm away from your waterline. These lashes are incredibly light weight so you should hardly notice they are on. Continue applying the rest of the lashes in the desired order, ensuring they are evenly spaced.
    • Take your time to ensure your lash clusters are evenly spaced and well-blended with your natural lashes. Press it down gently to secure them in place.

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